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SEPTONE RIPPER 20 LT - Colourfast Auto



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Ripper is a biodegradable, concentrated detergent based cleaning product fortified with powerful builders. It will exhibit excellent performance in almost any application. When diluted as recommended, it will perform in many vehicle cleaning and commercial cleaning applications. Vehicle detailers will find it useful in degreasing engine bays as well as cleaning dirt and road grime from door jambs, removing insects from bumpers and bull bars, and the general cleaning of vinyl, plastic and rubber including mats, seals, upholstery and consoles. Ripper may also be used as a truck and bus wash, workshop floor cleaner, mine site cleaner (including the cleaning of draglines, dump trucks, face shovels, rail carriages and drilling platforms), oil rig wash, trawler cleaner and general purpose cleaner. Ripper emulsifies oil and grease and is free rinsing, leaving surfaces clean and slip-free. Ripper is biodegradable. It may be applied by spray, brush/wipe or immersion methods.