Dear valued customers, We have exhausted all of the following; Dust masks, Isopropyl alcohol, Iso wipes, Gloves. Unfortunately we can't provide eta until further notice. Colourfast apologise for the inconvenience.

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TRANSTAR SCUFF & PREP PASTE 475gm - Colourfast Auto


Colourfast Auto

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Scuff & Prep Paste is used for paint preparation and blending. 

  • Use for surface preparation prior to painting to remove contaminants, silicone, grease and oils, tar and road film. 
  • Use on all areas to be painted, panels, jambs, moldings, bumpers. 
  • To save time, use in place of wet sanding and degreasing. 
  • It eliminates repaint problems such as fish eyes, craters, blisters and peeling.