Essentials Interior Multi Cleaner (500ml)


Complete car interior cleaner
Essentials Interior Multi Cleaner is a versatile cleaner for any vehicle interior surface, such as dashboards, seats and door panels. The product will effortlessly remove dirt and grime, leaving behind no marks or white residues after drying.
Designed especially for the true car lover, Cartec has selected the Essential products from the professional range to clean, wash and finish the interior and exterior of the vehicle. The products stand for high quality and are ready-to-use.
Features & Benefits:
  • Powerful cleaner for the entire car interior
  • Cleans dashboards, seats, door panels etc
  • Removes dirt & grime
  • Leaves no white residue after drying
  • Pleasant fresh scent smell
Directions for use:
  • Apply Essentials Interior Multi Cleaner on to the intended surface to be treated
  • Allow to dwell for 1 to 2 minutes
  • Agitate the dirt with a dedicated sponge or brush if necessary
  • Remove remaining dirt with a clean cloth and water
Size: 500ml

Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 10 × 11 × 12 cm
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