Amaxi Sanding Block Range – Various Blocks

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The Big, Standard and Small One rubbing blocks are a basic EVA large block, with speed grid for rapid sanding. Used in larger areas making big jobs easier to deal with wet or dry.

The Amaxi Multiblock is a dual surfaced block, one side firm and the other side super soft. This block can perform everywhere and on anything. The most versatile block in the Amaxi range.

The Flexi One rubbing block is a basic EVA Medium block that is 1/2 the thickness of the Standard One, allowing you to use it on more curvy surfaces wet or dry.

The Chromablock is used for wet rubbing to prevent rub through for single pack and fresh 2 pack top coats. Has great surface memory and also follows contoured surfaces really well.

The Custom blocks are a  hard surfaced hand made block. Used to block back hard cured 2 packs effortlessly, leaving nothing but the smoothest surface in its wake.

The Velblock is a basic EVA medium block with the added hook material, which allows you to use loop backed sandpaper as well as scouring pads. Great for blocking back plastic parts evenly. A really convenient block.

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Dimensions 10 × 11 × 12 cm

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